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Hailong Fiber cement wood board
With quartz stand, cement reinforced fiber as main raw materials, Hailong Fiber cement wood board is a light board material made through high temperature and high pressure maintenance, and special treatment.
Mechanical performance and indexes of Hailong Fiber cement wood board
Name of Product Antiflex cracking strength
Thermal conductivity
Moisture content
Incombustibility Radioactivity
Fiber cement board 16 1.45 0.3 10 Conforming to
GB8624 A Class
Conforming to
GB6566-2001A Class

Dmension 24401220-3660mm
Other specifications which can be consulted with customers

1Beautiful appearance

4Auti-cold and high temperature       resistance
7Environmental protection type
2Excollent fire-proof and damp-droof       perfprmance
5Low expansion rate, low       contractibility, no shape changing
8Surface can be coated and brushed
3Good durability

6Being easy to be processed and       fixed

1Internal and external       wall bodies
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